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Home Delivery of your pets medication makes life easier.


However, it doesn't always make things safe. Many online pharmacies sell medications that look and sound the same as the ones we prescribe but, in fact, are very different. That creates a scary situation for you and the pets you love.


That's why we're proud to now offer you Home Delivery of your pets' medications, from a source you can trust: us, your veterinary hospital.


Safety, Delivered:

Our Home Delivery is powered by VetSource, which means you can count on your pets' medications being checked and double-checked by licensed pharmacists to make sure they're accurate and won't react with any other meds your pet may be taking. It also means that the medications you receive are the exact same medications you'd get inside our hospital, with the exact same guarantee.



Allows you to get your pets' medications and nutrition products delivered on a regular schedule without having to place an order each time. That way, there's no chance of you ever running out.


Remind me:

Repackages your pets' monthly medications into single doses that arrive when the medications should be administered, removing any guesswork around when or what medications need to be given.


Questions about your Home Delivery order?

Call VetSource Customer Care at:



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NexGard PLUS

NexGard PLUS chews are the ones you want for One-And-Done monthly protection. They kill fleas and ticks, prevent heartworm disease, and treat roundworms and hookworms.


NexGard COMBO topical solution is the first and only feline broad-spectrum parasite protection that kills tapeworms. It also protects against fleas and ticks, prevents heartworm disease, and treats and controls roundworms, and hookworms.

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